Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 263 and 264

Let's just say these 2 days were INTERESTING! ( I guess they are all interesting)

Wed., I spent the day in the Foxx Code Office. Normally I'm there on Thurs. however this week we had 2 events Thurs. eWomen Network and the Taste of Galloway. Taste of Galloway was now moved to July 11th due to severe Thunderstorm and Tornado threats. That said, I was invited ( Thurs.) to attend a wonderful birthday party of a club owner in NYC.

So Wed. I was in the office. Then went to  our last Jr. Idol committee meeting, then ran over to Atlantic City to see the finale of the OPEN MINDED MIC talent showcase. That was AWESOME!  I went alone, but sat with famous promoter Kim R. of North Beach Gallery.( Visit North Beach Gallery on Face Book) We have become friends recently . Great to be out with her.   The talent was amazing !

My few minutes Wed. turned into a few hours of sitting and watching great local talent ! I was blown away by some of the acts.

Thurs., while I was in NY, I got to meet Randy of the Village People. He sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guest of honor and got the entire lounge moving and shaking to YMCA !

I hope you did something fun ! ( and different)

Enjoy !

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 261 and 262....

Another double entry..... oh well... LOL...

This week is crazy.... I have events and functions every night this week..... and most days including Saturday!
After this week, I am re-vamping the priority schedule.....hahahah.... seriously !

Ok.... so Monday we had our very first Photographers Dinner.... this is our Triple Lenz group. A way for me to give back to the photographers that work with me all year long. It was a small group however fun.... gave away a few prizes and everyone got a small gift for coming too..... Visit our web page to see more on the triple lenz.... first time doing this.... will do this once a year.... :)  Shout out to Darci who opened up her home for us.....

Tuesday , today
First I have to share the "poop"  yep, you heard it right.... 
So I'm at this event and when I leave, my whole front windshield of my car is covered in bird poop. I have heard that THAT is supposed to be lucky! I say that every time something like that happens but I'm not sure what the luck is ... LOL.... this time was interesting for a row of cars around me left and right... mine was the only window COVERED in POOP !!!!!!  Took several washings to get it off . What is up with that???? 
What a crock !!!!
Now to the good stuff.... I got to spend  5 min. listening to a wonderful singer.... I was given her CD by someone in the industry at one of the open minded mic shows.... ( I hate Mic w/o the 'h'...should be mich!!!!! Oh well)
Anyway, she is a superstar in the making. I listened to 10 seconds of it and could tell right away..... I fell in love with one of her songs....listened to it again....and then went home and watched the video on you tube. Shared that with my daughter and SHE fell in love with it too !

I will share more info about this once it is available.... for now.....we wait... but my 5 min. today was enjoyable, enlightening and relaxing....


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 259/260

Today was interesting..... I went to Miss India's graduation party and met the nicest Sisters. They really look like twins but I found out they are a year apart. One of their daughters had the most interesting name.... Allandra.... I have never heard that before. It was nice chatting with them.

Then I went to a tasting party....first time I ever went to a "Wild Tree " party for my friend and client.....Cheryl..... Yum !!!

Then when it was really BLACK outside my apartment, I got to spend some time with the "Man in the Moon". It was a full moon with the grey streaks all around it. Reminded me of the Dark Shadows series..... It was so beautiful. I tried to take a picture of it but it would not come out right. Just looked like a white blob in my phone......

It was cool to watch that for a little bit !


Day 260...........Sunday, our day of Change !!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 255/256/257/258

Wow, some of these numbers make me laugh when they are together.....  

4 days just went by like a blur..... with cool little breaks....just no time to post. With Taste of Galloway coming up Thurs. evening....eWomen Thurs. morning and afternoon......South Jersey Junior Idol Competition on Friday for the Childrens Museum.........Mays Landing Celebration Fair on Sat./Sun. ...........I'm ready to just plop!!!! ............and that week isn't even here yet !

So..........let's just lump this stuff together:

Viewed a 5 min. interview with Sandra Yancey of eWomen Network and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks and SHARK TANK..... ( check out a full interview on Tuesday if you want access.... )

Attended a casual outside wedding and had the best time just relaxing for a was gorgeous !
Congratulations Cathe and Happy Birthday !

Actually turned my phone off to take a break and watch an episode of America's Got Talent.... 

.....then I went on line and designed a cup in the Snapple Contest..... ( check it out at my facebook page)
Prior to that , I sat and looked at many of the cups that were already designed...... 

Oh and here's something really interesting................
Ate some haven't had grapes in awhile..... LOL

Hahahahaha....enjoy your day !

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 253 and 254

So Sunday we know is our DAY OF CHANGE! Scroll back to before day 1 to see what we do on Sundays! :)

Monday is usually my home office day. I have taken breaks from that here and there for lunch, for a walk , for lots of things yet mostly like to work in my office that day for that is the only day I have to do that.
It was crazy today for I had a few things to get done on the road which limited my office time today. Waaaahhhhh!  Not that office time is so much fun..... well, in a way it is for I get to catch up with people I really need to connect with.... It's just the only real time I have to do that during the week.

Today, I got to shop for pigs..... Ok.... not real pigs but piggy banks. I remember when my daughter was little that my Mom couldn't find one of those little plastic piggy banks that looked like a pig. She couldn't find one anywhere..... I found one of our local dollar stores that is carrying them. I got a couple for a fundraising project for the Children's museum. I'll keep you posted on that but I spent my time in the dollar store looking at plastic pigs......
I also spent a few moments staring at the sunset sky.... it was so gorgeous. I wished I was in a position to take a picture of it. We always see the beautiful Sunny Skies....but this one was coming off a rainy sky.... going from a grey cloud to dark blue and then light grey ! How pretty it was to see the nightfall coming in that way ! Hope you enjoyed YOUR day and did something different !

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 251 and 252

Wow, this month is a whirlwind. I can't believe how fast it's going and how I have to lump all the posts together....

Friday and Sat. a little crazy ! Well, they are always crazy with the Casino still being involved on those days, however.... this Fri/Sat. was a little different.

I was working project graduation for my client and now friend, Miss India.  Since she has signed with our Company , we have grown very close to the family . India's Mom, Evelyn, and my daughter, Brie also helped out that night.

Running around for last minute things on Friday, meeting with Becky to work on the set up and was just crazy. Not to mention arranging for Art to get to and from work while his car was in the shop.... It was all good.... at 5:30 the sun was shining and it was so gorgeous ..... graduation was at 6. I wouldn't get to see Miss India graduate for I had to set up in the room for the party later, that starts at 11PM...thought I would have time for a nap....NOT ! LOL

At 5:40, the skies turned gray and once again graduation came with its share of problems. After what we went through with Brie's last year, the one that made National News, I'm glad I missed this craziness..... So y time doing something different on Friday ( or something I haven't done in awhile) was Project Graduation and all the cool things that went with it. ( It was also the first time I was asked to kind of be in charge of the kitchen, for Becky, who normally does that, had a little event to take her daughter too..........MISS NEW JERSEY PAGEANT). Where her daughter is a contestant...... results tonight!

Today, Sat. I get to do something that I hardly ever get to do !  STAY IN BED.... my legs, back and vocal chords are saying THANK YOU!

Enjoy !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Days 248, 249, 250

Hello all, What a couple of days..... let me see if I can cap these up for you  ! LOL

It's been so crazy, especially today with our threat of tornadoes, major thunderstorms etc.... It was soooo dark earlier today. Now the sun is shining but I don't think we are out of the woods yet. I do think the storm is moving out of our way though..............

So, the past few days, this is what I did in the Balcony Blogger Challenge.....

I met with Robert Archer, Balloon specialist.... Robert has recently moved back to this area to pursue his talent of Balloon creatures and designs..... He is really special at what he does. We are working on ways to utilize his talent for many events in the area....What makes him different is that he can do the basic twisties and all....hahaha...but he can also do way out huge characters as you can see from his dinosaur below.....

I also spent some time with the TV...not so different....but I watched this crazy thing on America's Got Talent and I shared it on Facebook..... I spent a few minutes looking it up on line..... 

America's Got Talent--Special Head

Interesting finds about this.....................

Also, I spent 20 min. today taking a much needed NAP !!!!

Just felt I needed it........................don't do THAT  too often though I find that lately I need to nap a little... 

Enojoy YOUR day !!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 246 and 247

So Sunday is our Day of Change !  Remember to put your money in a sealed envelope and don't write on it.
If you have under a dollar , you save it for next week.... whatever is over a dollar that is still change goes into next week also. The dollar bill or bills go into the sealed envelope and get tucked away..... I will be getting into mine in August for a trip.  Scroll back to before day 1 to see all about our Day of change ! Enjoy !

Monday, today, had fun building a web page on my site for our newest clients, SACRED SWORD. They are the coolest hard rock/metal band that I have met in quite some time. I love their music as it has a bit of a throw back flavor yet is still fresh and current. I can't wait to see the costumes, too !  I'm no computer professional by any means , however I'm learning to utilize what I can to help us all in this process. I had fun learning how to point pages to my site and to create the page and then have it become its own place.

There is sooooo much on the internet for us to learn and grow with. Take your 5-10 minutes (or longer if you can) and try some things out. Let me know what you find that's cool !  LOL

Enjoy !

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 245

Another interesting day as I find these little escapes around travelling on the road..... in the business, yet escaping for a bit..... also, times I'm just doing something that I've never done before or haven't done in awhile. Today, I finished recording my first book. The process was fun and since I haven't been in the studio for some time it felt good. On top of that, the times I have been in the studio were to record music or commercial voice overs..... doing a whole book was quite interesting..... and fun !
Shout out to celebrity Leonard Dozier for all his support in this project and beyond...............

Then off to video the "Casual Chat" with Mari Dattolo...... as soon as I can figure out why it won't load in, it will be up for you to see at the web page and at You Tube.....

Take care and make it a great day . Take the "Balcony Blogger Challenge" and see what YOU find !

Enjoy !

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 244

This evening, I got to walk out in Smithville Village after the rain storm and enjoy the cool breeze as I headed over the the Cocktail Reception for the Vigneto Rally.

I got the walking, the thinking and relaxing done going up to the event. (I parked a little ways away so I could walk it up)  Then, I got to experience a great elegant setting in the Smithville Inn. That is the annual Vigneto Rally.
This even spans a couple of days and encompasses an exhibition of race cars, golfing during the day, racing on the track a few towns over.......... all kinds of cool stuff. This year, monies from this event go toward "Pennies from Heaven" foundation.  They have created and tested a vaccine to clear up breast cancer !!!!!

All kinds of good things come from the Vigneto Rally. If you are out this way, there is still time to enjoy the next couple of events. Visit Web page linked above..... OR.... plan on making it a stop next year !

It was wonderful...........

Enjoy !

Days 241/242/243

Wow! 3 days to catch up now.....
It's all good. Left my home at 8AM on all 3 days and got home b/w 10 and midnight respectively ! I had a ball but I'm pooped !

So let's work it out here:
Day 241

I had a nice ride to Philly by myself to see the beautiful Chris Magurie of Nerium AD. We had a great time in Starbucks talking about each others lives and businesses. The weather was just gorgeous and it made the day so much fun. I so enjoyed meeting up with her. It was the first time we met outside of our
 eWomen group. I loved it ! She is a wonderful person.

Day 242

Did the registration table for eWomen up in our Vorhees chapter of the SNJ ( Southern New Jersey group) That was fun. I don't get to do that area often. I met some great people for the first time.... One of those people was Blaire Monroe and we made an awesome connection. I also connected with Toya, radio personality , among others ! That evening, I got to be a judge for the first Open Minded Mic talent showcase competition. That was really fun ! Great talent..... (took several shots but only a couple actually saved...)

                                                    The Vinny's....fabulous


Day 243

This day I rode back to Philly with Laura and Mari and we went on a business and pleasure trip ! I LOVE those....get to do both together ! We got to see the historic Elfreth's Alley as our first stop and then met up with Roz of Direction and Exposure and Blaire of   ' magazine'  . After that we went around town by car viewing the Murals of the city................Shhhhh! Big surprise coming up with THAT one......
Then we went into the cutest little club  on South Street and met a wonderful guy...........DeLonne..... more to come on all of this.................

                                                   Elfreth's Alley

In the meantime , make it a great day today !

Enjoy !

Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 240

Today, as I sit here and view the VOICE.... I am so impressed with the artists in the top 6.  I love the SWON brothers and Michelle Chamuel.... Amazing!

What I did for my few min. was to go onto facebook and check out these 2 performers. It was crazy to see pictures of performances that were just performed a little while ago. Not just pics, but news about them too. Like a blog happening live ! LOL

Below from performance tonight.......

I had fun with this tonight !

Enjoy !

238 and 239

Oooohhh , rough weekend....falling behind...had a lot of trouble finding time to sleep.... well that's not a new thing so let us move on.....hahahaha

Day 238....
What a cool time spending the day with my friends and associates from NY.......... promoter/producer and just fun loving guys. We will keep their names private as of now..... we did get to sit out on the Deck at the New Golden Nugget and visit the brand new nightclub there, HAVEN.

That was fun and even though we were talking business, we were able to do it outside in the sunshine, with live music and then go in and see the club that is brand new and with NO ONE there ! Woo Hoo.....

Enjoy those moments when you can outside. We never know when they won't be there for us anymore.

Day 239 .....


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 237

Wow! Was chatting about the blog yesterday and can't believe we've been at for 237 days. I hope you are taking the challenge and challenging yourself to new things....

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to tour the new Princess Cruise ship that will be running day cruises out of the Farley Marina.
Gina, my good friend, toured Mari and Myself aboard her new venture. She will be offering early morning breakfast cruises, "DEW" cruises w/ a continental breakfast..... Lunch cruises and dessert cruises.... how fun is can also book a private event as well.
The cruises should be ready to go in about 2 weeks.... I will have them posted at my web page. You can also go to  and check it out there.

Congratulations, Gina, we all wish you much success !  Can't wait to set sail.................

Enjoy !