Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 263 and 264

Let's just say these 2 days were INTERESTING! ( I guess they are all interesting)

Wed., I spent the day in the Foxx Code Office. Normally I'm there on Thurs. however this week we had 2 events Thurs. eWomen Network and the Taste of Galloway. Taste of Galloway was now moved to July 11th due to severe Thunderstorm and Tornado threats. That said, I was invited ( Thurs.) to attend a wonderful birthday party of a club owner in NYC.

So Wed. I was in the office. Then went to  our last Jr. Idol committee meeting, then ran over to Atlantic City to see the finale of the OPEN MINDED MIC talent showcase. That was AWESOME!  I went alone, but sat with famous promoter Kim R. of North Beach Gallery.( Visit North Beach Gallery on Face Book) We have become friends recently . Great to be out with her.   The talent was amazing !

My few minutes Wed. turned into a few hours of sitting and watching great local talent ! I was blown away by some of the acts.

Thurs., while I was in NY, I got to meet Randy of the Village People. He sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guest of honor and got the entire lounge moving and shaking to YMCA !

I hope you did something fun ! ( and different)

Enjoy !

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