Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 253 and 254

So Sunday we know is our DAY OF CHANGE! Scroll back to before day 1 to see what we do on Sundays! :)

Monday is usually my home office day. I have taken breaks from that here and there for lunch, for a walk , for lots of things yet mostly like to work in my office that day for that is the only day I have to do that.
It was crazy today for I had a few things to get done on the road which limited my office time today. Waaaahhhhh!  Not that office time is so much fun..... well, in a way it is for I get to catch up with people I really need to connect with.... It's just the only real time I have to do that during the week.

Today, I got to shop for pigs..... Ok.... not real pigs but piggy banks. I remember when my daughter was little that my Mom couldn't find one of those little plastic piggy banks that looked like a pig. She couldn't find one anywhere..... I found one of our local dollar stores that is carrying them. I got a couple for a fundraising project for the Children's museum. I'll keep you posted on that but I spent my time in the dollar store looking at plastic pigs......
I also spent a few moments staring at the sunset sky.... it was so gorgeous. I wished I was in a position to take a picture of it. We always see the beautiful Sunny Skies....but this one was coming off a rainy sky.... going from a grey cloud to dark blue and then light grey ! How pretty it was to see the nightfall coming in that way ! Hope you enjoyed YOUR day and did something different !

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