Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 251 and 252

Wow, this month is a whirlwind. I can't believe how fast it's going and how I have to lump all the posts together....

Friday and Sat. a little crazy ! Well, they are always crazy with the Casino still being involved on those days, however.... this Fri/Sat. was a little different.

I was working project graduation for my client and now friend, Miss India.  Since she has signed with our Company , we have grown very close to the family . India's Mom, Evelyn, and my daughter, Brie also helped out that night.

Running around for last minute things on Friday, meeting with Becky to work on the set up and was just crazy. Not to mention arranging for Art to get to and from work while his car was in the shop.... It was all good.... at 5:30 the sun was shining and it was so gorgeous ..... graduation was at 6. I wouldn't get to see Miss India graduate for I had to set up in the room for the party later, that starts at 11PM...thought I would have time for a nap....NOT ! LOL

At 5:40, the skies turned gray and once again graduation came with its share of problems. After what we went through with Brie's last year, the one that made National News, I'm glad I missed this craziness..... So y time doing something different on Friday ( or something I haven't done in awhile) was Project Graduation and all the cool things that went with it. ( It was also the first time I was asked to kind of be in charge of the kitchen, for Becky, who normally does that, had a little event to take her daughter too..........MISS NEW JERSEY PAGEANT). Where her daughter is a contestant...... results tonight!

Today, Sat. I get to do something that I hardly ever get to do !  STAY IN BED.... my legs, back and vocal chords are saying THANK YOU!

Enjoy !

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