Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 244

This evening, I got to walk out in Smithville Village after the rain storm and enjoy the cool breeze as I headed over the the Cocktail Reception for the Vigneto Rally.

I got the walking, the thinking and relaxing done going up to the event. (I parked a little ways away so I could walk it up)  Then, I got to experience a great elegant setting in the Smithville Inn. That is the annual Vigneto Rally.
This even spans a couple of days and encompasses an exhibition of race cars, golfing during the day, racing on the track a few towns over.......... all kinds of cool stuff. This year, monies from this event go toward "Pennies from Heaven" foundation.  They have created and tested a vaccine to clear up breast cancer !!!!!

All kinds of good things come from the Vigneto Rally. If you are out this way, there is still time to enjoy the next couple of events. Visit Web page linked above..... OR.... plan on making it a stop next year !

It was wonderful...........

Enjoy !

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