Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 245

Another interesting day as I find these little escapes around travelling on the road..... in the business, yet escaping for a bit..... also, times I'm just doing something that I've never done before or haven't done in awhile. Today, I finished recording my first book. The process was fun and since I haven't been in the studio for some time it felt good. On top of that, the times I have been in the studio were to record music or commercial voice overs..... doing a whole book was quite interesting..... and fun !
Shout out to celebrity Leonard Dozier for all his support in this project and beyond...............

Then off to video the "Casual Chat" with Mari Dattolo...... as soon as I can figure out why it won't load in, it will be up for you to see at the web page and at You Tube.....

Take care and make it a great day . Take the "Balcony Blogger Challenge" and see what YOU find !

Enjoy !

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