Monday, November 30, 2009

As we close 2009...

Hi all. Today we allocate time to tie up our loose ends in 2009 and be able to have a fresh start for 2010. What is the one thing you want to accomplish in 2009 that you can make happen in the next month. Do It !!! Close it up and have a fresh mental outlook for a new year with a new journey!

Today I share with you the expansion and additions to the 4 A STAR family. We have hired several interns along with SB Marketing to work in the area. SB Marketing does several publications that are targeted to a specific market area for your business. They also handle a publication called free stuff. You can go to and check that out as well. We have also added a fine arts division known as Diava Marketing in which we promote 2 very talented artists, William S. McKensie and Chris Ford. We are now starting to weave in the event planning process. It's always been there but now there is a focus for it. We will start with the Grand Opening of Cartridge World of Mays Landing. The opening will be on Wed. eve. Dec. 9th from 5-8 PM in the Consumer Sq. Shopping Center. That is where Target and Manhattan Bagel are located. Please come out to the celebration as we officially "open" Cartridge World of Mays Landing.

So a lot is going on. Pass it along. Stay well, stay safe and as you can see it's quite busy so we will chat again as time allows.

Ava Holly Lewis