Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Bryan Scheiner...........

Wow ! January goes by like a shot, don't you agree? I have decided that January will from now on be sort of a "cyber month". By the time you clean up from the holidays and get to the stuff you put on hold for the holidays.....the month is gone. No wonder most people don't get their resolutions to make it to blue Monday......So I have adopted that MY New Year shall, from this day forward, start in February. That gives ME a chance to do other things in January and sort of play catch up while the month is just sitting in cyber space collecting resolutions ! LOL

Today, we allocate time for Bryan Scheiner and the Bee Shine.....

During that January month, I celebrate a birthday, along with several people that I am close to AND I usually have my "Cross the Line" event at the Foundation Room . This year it was great ! We held it on Jan. 20th.
Funny what a small world we really live in. You never know who you are going to meet, where you are going to meet them and how they actually connect to your own life once you have met them ! Whew ! That's a mouthful.
So at my event on Jan. 20th, I happened to run into a wonderfully fresh and exciting person. His name is Bryan Scheiner. In speaking with Bryan and actually interviewing him myself, I found out he used to work with a friend of mine. Also, he was doing an interview in the room just before my event. Bryan wound up at my event by accident, we met by accident and have a mutual friend and now a mutual business relationship. So I go back to that philosophy that there really are no Bryan and I were destined to meet and here is where the beautiful relationship begins....
Going back a few years when Bryan was a kid, he fell in love with the hip hop genre of music. He would look up anyone and everyone who was connected to the hip hop world and be on the top of his game when it came to knowing the facts. When Bryan won a FLIP CAMERA at work one year, the idea of JUST studying these iconic artists-expanded into searching them out, videotaping them and creating an empire in his own right on line. At Bryan's site, you can check out his interviews, see the videos and even purchase merchandise . Bryan has spoken with and interviewed some of the greatest hip hop artists around. (both established and up and coming artists and business moguls themselves). He loves pioneers in the industry and is thinking of expanding his knowledge into some different genres.... I am thrilled that we are going to add a special page on the 4 A STAR site for Bryan and be able to work together and share ideas and artists for your viewing pleasure. If you think this was just a passing trend for Bryan, think again, for Bryan has interviewed over 600 artists all over the country in the last year and a half. That's impressive !
I am so glad I ran into Bryan, BY ACCIDENT, (hint hint) at my event in January. It really was a cyber month and Bryan's on line cup has just overflowed into mine..... I am thrilled and honored to welcome Bryan Scheiner to his own 4 A STAR page.
Visit Bryan's site THE BEE SHINE at:
Be sure to stay on top of the 4 A STAR page to see what we are up to and to see the wonderful world of Bryan Scheiner and what he brings to us with his awesome interviews and skills.