Friday, June 7, 2013

Days 241/242/243

Wow! 3 days to catch up now.....
It's all good. Left my home at 8AM on all 3 days and got home b/w 10 and midnight respectively ! I had a ball but I'm pooped !

So let's work it out here:
Day 241

I had a nice ride to Philly by myself to see the beautiful Chris Magurie of Nerium AD. We had a great time in Starbucks talking about each others lives and businesses. The weather was just gorgeous and it made the day so much fun. I so enjoyed meeting up with her. It was the first time we met outside of our
 eWomen group. I loved it ! She is a wonderful person.

Day 242

Did the registration table for eWomen up in our Vorhees chapter of the SNJ ( Southern New Jersey group) That was fun. I don't get to do that area often. I met some great people for the first time.... One of those people was Blaire Monroe and we made an awesome connection. I also connected with Toya, radio personality , among others ! That evening, I got to be a judge for the first Open Minded Mic talent showcase competition. That was really fun ! Great talent..... (took several shots but only a couple actually saved...)

                                                    The Vinny's....fabulous


Day 243

This day I rode back to Philly with Laura and Mari and we went on a business and pleasure trip ! I LOVE those....get to do both together ! We got to see the historic Elfreth's Alley as our first stop and then met up with Roz of Direction and Exposure and Blaire of   ' magazine'  . After that we went around town by car viewing the Murals of the city................Shhhhh! Big surprise coming up with THAT one......
Then we went into the cutest little club  on South Street and met a wonderful guy...........DeLonne..... more to come on all of this.................

                                                   Elfreth's Alley

In the meantime , make it a great day today !

Enjoy !

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