Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another day in the "Balcony Blogger Challenge"

Days 265,266,267

So this Summer is starting off with CRAZY BUSY things going on. You can see how difficult it is for me to post....however, I am using 5 min. or more, every day to reflect, try something new, or do something I haven't done in awhile..... What have you been doing..... we are close to 7,000 page views since we started the challenge.... please hop on and "join" us.... it's free.... then you can comment and tell me what you have been up to this year..... we are moving right along.....

So Friday was our 1st big Junior Idol Competition.... Congrats to Angelica and Juliana and ALL the contestants. This was a fundraiser for the Children's Museum. I was the MC along with the lovely and talented Kelly Lavigna.  How fun was that to watch these kids perform , some for the very first time.

Sat. I attended the Hometown Celebration, 200th Anniversary for Mays Landing. I volunteered for a bit at the Children's Museum table . Got to walk around and met some great people. I tried these Chicken and Cheese Fries that were out of this world. Company is the FOOD GODDESS.... out of Wildwood. They have a bed and breakfast out there too. ( and this food truck that travels around). Check them out next time you are in the area.

Sun. as you know is our day of change ! Scroll back to before day 1, if you are not sure what we do on Sundays..... I'm getting close to cashing mine in for my trip to the Women's Conference this year. That will be so awesome !

Make it a great day !

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