Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The glorious butterfly .....

Day 268, 269

Monday  was a little crazy as I found myself wiped out from the events that went on every single night last week and through the weekend with one casino day attached ! Whew ! Made it !  Woke up with a dry throat..... not sore, just felt like I was dehydrated !  I did some office work but mostly tried to hydrate and relax a little. In the evening drove out to Linda's for our 'wrap up' idol meeting !  The drive into her development was worth just hanging out for a few min. It was so gorgeous....... I admired the beautifully cut lawns, trees and the winding roads of the development. One place was nicer than the next.... :)

Today, Tues. was interesting..... spent a few moments admiring a butterfly that I found on the stairway heading out today. You can't see it in the photo--the wing tips were a cobalt blue.... I never saw coloring like that on a butterfly. I know someone from above was coming to say hello..... 100% humidity today.....very hot, no other butterflies in sight all day that I could see.....

I also spent some time on Pinterest today uploading some of the newer models photos and also, this glorious butterfly ! ( check out only1ava pins... )

Make it a great day !!!!

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