Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 279 and 280

Wow ! This week is crazy and it's early in the week. We are preparing for our own Miss India to enter the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant. It's a small local level Pageant and we are going to have so much fun watching her in it. It's just a stepping stone for her to bigger and better things. I am proud to be involved in this Pageant in some way.

This all said, these past 2 days have been filled with wonderful little escapes.... Riding down a back road and watching this truck in front of me with a large tree cut in half in the back.... it was like following a big animal!
I would have loved a picture of that, but not......... I was driving!   I spent 20 min. behind that truck on a long back road and it was just cool watching that tree.....

...........listening to the beautiful sounds of Ben Clayton..........the next huge folk singer to break records..... I got his promo cd and I just love it ! I got lost in his music.......trying to figure out my own meanings to his beautiful tunes....

..........enjoying a cup of coffee and just reflecting on the times and condition of our World today.....
We all live on this planet. The only one we have so far TO live on..........be a positive influence in any way that you can. Do not let injustice, strife, and all the sad things dwell in your heart. Positive will breed positive.
Enjoy !

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