Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More from Day 281 and 282
& Days 283, 284, and 285....

OMG! If I told you what I did these past few days you would be exhausted just listening.... so let's do the
"Catch up the blog for dummies"...hahahaha

So we saw the beautiful Miss India, our 4 A STAR supermodel, take the local crown of Miss Puerto Rico Atlantic County..... Check out the link and see India with 2 previous winners.... this was the blog I did for the Galloway Patch !  Patch is an on line paper that is found in many places in the Country. Check it out and see if there is Patch near you. Somethng you can do for you challenge is Blog for the Patch....

Above see India in her crown and also with Celebrity Radio Host and Painter/Artist 
Junior Celestino
I believe we blogged about Junior before....... 

In these few days we did beach shots of India and 2 of our newest models, Cassandra and Olivia
Phots by Larry Berman

 We also spent time in NYC with our 2 little 6 year old models, Oli and Aurora..... here they are together in one of my favorite places: Bryant Park

Also in NY, I met one of the best street artists I've seen in quite some time: PAVEL
You can find this work on our web page and purchase your own....stay tuned as we Pave the way for PAVEL

 Also spent some time just watching the daylight move into darkness as I roamed NY....

...............and finally, I got to talk with a facbook friend, the wonderfully talented Jade Starling..... Do you remember her from the 80's??? Check out this video clip and see Jade launching her Kickstarter pledge program to release her new single..... Anything you can do to help will be great.... Pleas pass this clip around. Jade will be on tour soon and this will "Kick Start" her new project..... 
We will be collaborating on few things with Jade so stay in touch at the 4 A STAR web page !
Here is the clip for Jade:

It's been a crazy good few weeks !!!!
Enjoy !

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