Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 286 and 287

Mon. / Tues. :

So Monday I took the opportunity to sleep in !!!! That alone is something I don't do very often...hahahaha
I woke up with a bit of a headache but managed to get through the day. Monday is usually my office day . That said, I took the better part of the day to rest my head and my body from the crazy weekend. ( and the week is starting off with a bang..... ) What I did that I haven't done in awhile was watch the Titanic.... Mostly all of it....The one with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio..... amazing movie ! Like seeing it for the first time even though I knew what was coming....

Today, I had the opportunity to visit with "The Brain". This is an 13 year old boy, Matt "The Brain", who is a young graffiti artist. He does his work on many canvases. One of them being skateboards. What makes this little boy so special is that his Dad helped him open up a store where he creates his boards.... when he sells a board, he donates a board..... by that I mean to orphanages in Brazil !  This is a fascinating story.... I am holding off from pictures and more elaboration on it because they will be one of the first subjects in our new entertainment publication to be launched in October. In the meantime, you can see them and hear more of the story on our casual chat at www.4astar.com  in September. They will be our featured guest.

What a great experience finding out about them and visiting the store. Thank you Andrew P. for that AWESOME introduction !

Enjoy !
PS...we are over 7,000 page views worldwide now.... Monday we will speak about our "change".....

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