Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Day 270

Yay! Back to the single digit days.... LOL

Let's start by saying happy 4th of July to all those that are celebrating !  ( Tomorrow on the 4th we can talk fireworks !)

Today, on the 3rd, we launched the opening of the Angel, Inc, FOXX CODE Magazine office in Manahawkin. It was also Carl's Birthday. ( Co founder of Angel , Inc. and FOXX CODE). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARL!!

We also had the theme, 'FOXX CODE MEETS PAUL HANSEN'  .    Paul Hansen, local artist and poet, displayed his works at the opening and it was just a beautiful event !

See food table, beautiful cake and Paul's capture of Kevin Tooley, Rock Star of the Ghetto Rats !

What a grand day for a grand opening..............Now let's "Rock and Roll"
Shout out to co founder of Angel, Inc, FOXX CODE MAGAZINE, managing and investing editor of FOXX CODE,  and  personal friend........Laura Westmoreland.  She put this together, along with Carl, Paul, Mitch, and several others including myself....what a great day !
Enjoy !

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