Friday, July 5, 2013

Fireworks 2013

Day 271

Wow !!!  Spectacular Fireworks at the Borgata Hotel /Casino this year. As many times as I've seen fireworks, I can't remember getting the felling I had last night as they were just right above me . The sky was filled to where you could barely see sky anymore in that section.

My mind always wonders back a little at Fireworks. I remember watching them from atop the Lifeguard station in Seaside . My Father, Eddie, was the man who originally brought Fireworks into Seaside. George Zambelli Fireworks. We would go early and My Dad would watch as they set up all the buffers at the beach. Many times, I was allowed to watch from the tower above with my family.

One year, there was a tragic accident there.  Fireworks were not shot off from the beach for quite some time. I also remember a meeting with a decision to bring them back. There is always a lump in my throat when I watch them being set off and I think about all these childhood memories..............

In the meantime, these Fireworks were unbelievable last night. I hope you got to see some somewhere around the World.

Enjoy !

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