Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 131

So each day I've been exploring events and happenings ( and the last 2 are out of order... LOL)..... sometimes, as you can well see, they are business related but something I don't get to do everyday. Make sure you keep all that in mind. Sometimes, they are just fun things to break up the day. We all need that too.... go back and see when we started the challenge, all the things you can do to make your day special.
This time, I spent 5 min. with a few people talking about those silly "hand" things we did as kids.... like rubbing you belly and patting your head at the same time. How about harder ones, like making big circles in front of you with your hands except the right hand goes one direction and the left hand goes the other..... Here are a couple of things I pulled off You Tube that fit right in.
Enjoy !

(Yeesh....couldn't put the links in at the right time because I WAS DOING IT WRONG! ) So here we are....

David Letterman w/ Anna Kendrick and the cupping song....

Cup and Hand Clapping Game

Now mind you when I was doing the hand clapping in the school yard.... there were no cups involved. Even though it's still a simple task, it is much more evolved I do believe !

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