Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 59

Well this is definitely doing something I haven't done in awhile. I love to say , "I used to close the bars, now I close the MALL !!)  That expression wouldn't work tonight.... or last night as we have it for it is now 2AM and I just got in from business in Philly. Funny thing about the business I'm in, it takes you into wonderful places........

I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, EL POETA. I only met him once before at my friend and business associate's event. That would be the extremely talented Raymond Tyler.  When I first met EL, we hit it off right away. He is such a cool guy. Not only is he a proven spoken word artist and model but he makes extraordinary jewelry from cool stones like jade, rose quartz, amethyst and more. His work is spectacular.
You can catch him at a holiday Fashion event in Philly on Dec. 13th. ( I will be there too and would love to say hello to you) Tickets are only 10.00 if you get them on line. I will post the link as soon as it goes up. El will have jewelry there to sell and he is a big part of this fashion event. We also have 2 of our models in the event ..... India and our own General Manager, Brian. Come out and see them rock the runway....

So today I got "high on life". It was a great day. We had our walk through for the show this evening.  DeMali was there, Fred was there from RAW, many beautiful models,  and of course ---- my buddy and true talent EL POETA.  We did a lot more than close the mall today !  (and I loved every minute of it.... )
Truly enjoy your something special..........and then do it again !
                         EL---you are beautiful my friend ! (see him on our power partners page too)
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