Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 32

With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it's been hard to step away from the normal routine.(especially since my childhood town was destroyed)  Many of us have already done that through the storm. I feel very lucky to be where I am now, many have lost a lot of things..... yet these are things, and people will rebuild... I am happy I can continue our blogger challenge in hopes that it may cheer sometime up in these dark times.....
So today, among a terrible head cold, I spent 10 minutes going through my closet. I could do with a few less clothes.......I am donating clothes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy that have lost pretty much everything. I started with my own networking groups and sent out an email looking for families in need. I told them what sizes we had in clothes and shoes and whether they were male or female garments.....
Tonight, after watching the tribute show on NBC, I decided to take the clothes to the drop off station and help fill up the box truck for people in need. If I don't get a note back of someone from our groups this week, on Thursday evening will will take our things over to the box truck in a neighboring town.
I hope in a small way I can help.
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