Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 45

So this time I fell asleep right over the lap top.....what a crock!
Now it's 5:45 AM, getting ready for a meeting and yes, finishing my blog post.....yippeee !!!

I've been having a lot of fun looking up cool things on the Internet. I love mixing old school and new school. I do it all the time. So sticking with the Internet surfing, I found something very interesting by accident. I was watching one of my favorite reality shows, Project Runway, and one of the guest judges was a teenager.....

Now this particular teenager has blown up on the scene with her fashion rookie.....
Her name if Tavi Gevinson and if you haven't already heard of her, she is really making a splash for herself. I took a few minutes to read her blog, to see her own on line magazine and to hear how she is moving herself forward in an industry she loves. Isn't that what we all want to do? Well, some may be content to just do the normal routing every day, however I think most of us want to learn how to follow our dreams.......

Check out Tavi's blog at the style rookie..... link below.... Enjoy !

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