Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 199

So today I'm actually trying something I was thinking about for a little while. You know how we have planning boards, school boards, erase boards, and should have boards..... I started the T.O. board.... ( Throw Out)

This is what I figured....first of all, I live in a small rented apartment with furniture that is too big for it and an office that I made that takes a huge chunk from the living room. Let's just call it the shoebox..... on top of that, the shoebox is now too full for any of the 3 of us to be productive in there..... it has to change....

So I assigned us the task of throwing out 3 things, every day from Mon.-Fri. for 3 weeks.... that will have us throwing out at minimum 135 things by the end of 3 weeks and that is a great start....will also form a throw out habit......

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Once we have thrown out 3 things, we get to put our name up on the erase board I set up yesterday.

So now I'm in throw out mode................. LOL

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