Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 205

Wow!!!! From not getting a chance to breathe yesterday to having the most wonderful day today was so fulfilling ..... Did you ever play that "continental lunch party" game when you were in school? We used to have appetizers at one friend's home, main course of lunch at another friend's home, and dessert at another friend's was so cool and I remember doing that very was sort of like that.
I can't say that it was different in the fact that I was running , again, from one place to the next, however it WAS different in the many things I got to experience and accomplish today INCLUDING a few minutes to relax....So let's begin....

I  met the most beautiful person yesterday in............. Addy Award winner, voice over specialist, actor, singer/songwriter...........Leonard Dozier.      Check him out at TMarquise Entertainment

 He took the time from his busy schedule to meet with me thanks to the connecting power of my good friend and business associate, Raymond Tyler of the Atlantic City Beat.

Now, Leonard and I will be embarking on a project together.............sort of........but we both know the power of how those things work. I do believe that when great minds get together and mastermind, great things begin to happen............the stars were aligned for us today. I think the stars may have been just a little surprised too over our first encounter. I think it put a little "step" in all of us (including the stars...hahahahaha) and the day was unbelievable ! We shook hands, Leonard and I and then he went to shake Raymond's hand who was standing next to me. Both extended their hands in front of me and somehow caught onto the things in my cell phone flew across the restaurant and broke open into 4 pcs. my books fell out of my hands and  my one notebook fell into a slab of honey on the table. ( I don't even think Ray and Leonard knew about that part ! I just wiped it off later.) I can laugh about it now. Thankfully, my cell phone got all put back together and it's fine. We will probably never forget that first meeting !
From there, I drove Leonard to Pleasantivlle where he went to see his Mom.... ( His wife was out and so I dropped Leonard off to his destination....) On the way, we got to chatting about computers and how he was going to get his lap top looked at in some business center.... I said, "You don't need a business center, you need Marie !" Everyone needs Marie of 1st rate computer repair.

 She is Unbelievable !!!!!! I made a call and put Leonard and Marie together. Just so happens I needed to hook up with Marie so I offered to take the lap top to her and have them make their pick up arrangements with each other.....and that's what I did....

That all being said, before we actually connected with Marie, we stopped on the way at another friend's location, Trina Byrd..... I have know Trina over 10 years and come to find out that Leonard actually knew her growing up. She even follows his success in the local papers and then some. We were going by her place and I was telling Leonard about this "bus restaurant" that she is doing..... Mrs. T's  bustaurant !

So now, 1/2 hour later, I'm in Marie's house. We got a chance to talk about some business things, about Leonard and her daughter who is breaking into the modeling world with us, and we got to sit and relax on Marie's deck, put our feet up, sip some coffee and enjoy the MOST beautiful weather today......

After that, I met up with Mari of Little Angels Princess Events to give her some things for the bags for our "Move for the Cure" event for Parkinson's on Sunday.... that was fun seeing her.

From there I wound up at an open house for Rachael Pagano's new location for her SIMPLE ESCAPE SPA.

To top off the great day ..... I had nominated Rachael for our Emerging Leader award for eWomen Network Southern New Jersey. Thank you Marilyn for sharing the great news with us just before Rachael's event. These emerging leaders are selected to join our conference in Dallas, Texas, all expenses paid to learn and be mentored by thought leaders from all over the Country. The application and selection process is not an easy one. All the Women representing their chapters come out to Dallas and One Emerging Leader is then crowned for the entire organization. Rachael has a great start by winning the spot for Southern New Jersey. She will now head to Dallas with us in August and be among all the leaders that were chosen..... Congratulations, Rachael !

At her open house, I got to eat the most delicious Strawberry cut open, filled with whipped cream and topped with chocolate morsels..... What a treat !

The whole day was one big adventure and I was honored, blessed and thrilled to be a part of this beautiful day ! What did you do today ??????  

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