Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 194 and 195

Hello !!!!! I have been at a Seminar just outside of Washington, DC and I am combining Mon./Tues. to bring you the coolest stuff I did differently while I was out of town !

First off, I big shout out to Sylvia Henderson of Springboard Training and the Idea Success Network. Not only is Sylvia a friend of mine, she is a well known speaker across the U.S. and she opened up her home to me to come and take one of her workshops. I went out to her with my friend and partner of
 Foxx Code Magazine, Laura. We had a wonderful time and that alone is something different from the normal routine.....However, here are some cool things to add to that......

On the car trip up and back, Laura and I noticed some really cool personalize license plates. Now I'm not exactly sure how all of these were placed on the plates but you can get an idea.....

PUMKNHD  ( Pumpkin Head)
YR2SLO  ( Your too slow)

We got a kick out of those.....

Now check out this cool kitchen!

We  found out something very interesting about our Miss Sylvia. She likes to make "Miniatures" in her quiet "relax" time. She does this just for the joy of it.  It's very cool. That kitchen (above is actually a miniature) !!!! Yep, can you believe it? See the detail even as far as the picket fence and and trees outside the window !
Here is what it looks like when we pull back the shot !

That's the kitchen in the bottom section !

I love it. There wee several more around the house that Sylvia has worked on. They are beautiful. Some are in glass boxes and some have taken her several years to complete. How interesting......

Thank you Sylvia, Pat and Katie for opening up your homes to us. I had a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again !

Enjoy !
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Sylvia...Ideaillionaire! said...

Thanks for showing some of my "secret work"! It looks kind of cool in a photo here. We enjoyed hosting you both and look forward to having you "come down" again - workshop or not. Can't wait to spend time with you in Dallas!