Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 170

Today I got to get away a little at a local gift shop. "Joelle's".... They have cool and interesting gifts and I happened to be in the are so I stopped in. (not mention  the owner is the Sister of one of our wonderful photographers   Larry Berman) 

So I went in ....even left my phone in the car on purpose so I could get away for 10 minutes in this fantasy world of gifts.

One of my favorite things in the shop are these awesome wine goblets....  Inside the wine goblets (glasses) are girls! ( No silly, not real girls...although they look real)  Like......models that fit in the glasses..... models with cute little outfits on sitting inside the wine glasses !  Little statues if you may. You can even remove them so you can actually use the glass. I loved them !!!!!  I didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't take a picture of one. Maybe I'll go back and do that again for a later post.   It was a cold day, but sunny today..... Spring is somewhere...............somewhere soon I hope. I enjoyed getting a bit of a break in a hectic time preparing for our "Good Better Best" Fashion event......

I also liked these cute little napkins they had (coasters too) that had various sayings on them. This one said, "There are days I wish I had a delete button".....

Make your weekend great. Do something to break up your hum drum routine !  LOL

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