Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 175

Crunch time for events always takes a bit of a toll..... I did get to take a slight break and do something a little different. Today, I brought a little Passover to a friend. She was commenting on wanting to try our traditional "Matzoah Fry" ( or Matzoah Bry as we called it growing up)....

I went to her house. She provided the eggs and the chopping of the onions  ( what a great thing to supply....the onions tears for me !!!! )

We sauteed the onions in a pan....broke up the eggs and scrambled them.... wet down our matzoah slightly and salted each piece slightly.... added some pepper to the egg mix, added some water and broke up all the matzoah in a large bowl to make 3 portions..... Once the matzoah was soaked up with egg mixture, it was time to pour it into the hot pan..... mix it up until the eggs are cooked and it's done ! Easy Pisi ( that's the Italian in me...... )

We kicked back for all of 10 minutes before we got back to work on the event....

It was quite enjoyable..... accompanied with coffee and vanilla creamer..... mad my day very special !

What did you do today?

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