Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 160

Today I have a short post...... only because I can not disclose some of the things I was researching today. That said, I spent my few minutes today doing some research on some people and companies I was introduced to recently. It was fascinating finding out about some of this.....

I strongly encourage you to use your Internet in the best way you can.... I met the love of my life on it....... it's truly amazing when you combine it with traditional forms of living...... it can't be solely about the Internet, or solely about doing things WITHOUT the Internet. That saying, "Everything in moderation" can also apply to all the tools we have to live today..... Mix it up. When you are on the Internet, see what an amazing place it truly is when you use it properly...............

Make it a great day !

Will be in NYC tomorrow....probably get post up very late or early AM..... Who knows what will happen in NY ! hahahahaha

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