Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 161

This was so interesting. Now that we are moving ahead with locations and places for the next issue of
 Foxx Code Magazine..... photo shoots are a little more often...... So the photo shoot wasn't the subject of the "little break" today but the place was...... UNBELIEVABLE !   Also a little bit of a funny afterwards.....

So we shot today at the gorgeous CUTTING ROOM. Converted from an old carpet store into this very cool Dinner Club. Re-surging as a number one Hot Spot, you must visit the Cutting Room. The Mark Kostabi Art that graces the walls is so worth the trip by itself.....then you add the other artists, the decor, the fabulous entertainment and you've got a great spot to relax and enjoy in town. Located at 44 E. 32nd Street, NYC. Grand Opening to feature Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones coming soon ! For now they are getting the kinks out and feeling their way around. Go enjoy the Cutting Room !

Here is some of the art.... yes, Kostabi painted on that guitar that sits in the front window.....
The lit up shot is not so clear however it is stained glass guitars hanging from the ceiling, that grace the lobby area when you walk in.

So if you want to take your "Balcony Blogger Challenge" to the next level, and you are in the NYC area ( or surrounding area) Take a trip in and visit the CUTTING ROOM. You will be swept away.....

Also having to take the bus out of the City, I got a glimpse of the people waiting on line ahead of me at the terminal.  There were only 4.  Funny, they didn't have very much to say !!!!

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