Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 157

Today I got to meet one of the most gracious, talented, and beautiful people around.  It's not everyday that you make that awesome connection with someone very fast. I always say to follow your heart, your instincts and your energy...... I got that beautiful energy from singer/ songwriter Kelly Lavigna  of Route 9 Entertainment

Not so much that we shared the same love of music and the arts, but we shared the same energy..... we had breakfast together and got to talk..... something I love to do..... LOL

It was really nice hearing how she started her entertainment company and how I started mine. It was something I love to do, but don't get to do that often............connect with someone on that energy level . I love it when you  "spark" with someone and it just flows....there isn't that awkward silence at all because you both have a lot to say....

I expect that we will be friends for a long time and that our business connections will only help each other thrive.

Check out Kelly, if you are in this area, every Friday at
 Joseph's Restaurant part of Renault Winery,  in Galloway, NJ 6:00 PM.......

This was a few minutes away that was so refreshing and enjoyable!

Who did you meet today ?

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