Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 159

Wow ! What a day. I have to say that being on set at a photo shoot is not something that is totally different per say from my line of work or from my background, however I don't get to do it every day.... It's not a routine event. They come up when they come up. We get them done when we need to get them done.

Being out on the A/C boardwalk was definitely tiring all day but it was so enjoyable to work with great people from Foxx Code, affiliates from Texas, people from the Atlantic City Alliance and people  from the Atlantic City Beat.

The blog today is not about the shoot itself but about the day.....taking the time to walk the A/C boardwalk for a few minutes, to watch a photographer in motion , to see a beautiful model, to admire the structures the people and the history of the boardwalk, and, oh yes..... to wash cotton candy off our hands.....

Take the time to walk somewhere, laugh with someone and enjoy the things in life you don't do everyday ! Challenge Yourself......

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