Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 173

As you can see, keeping up with the "posting" part of my challenge has certainly been a challenge for ME while I prepare for a big event.

This is something I can still work on. As I said, prior to this post, I'm meeting the challenge, just having difficulty posting it ! LOL

I hope you are taking advantage of even 5 minutes each day to refresh, revisit, and revitalize yourself and your senses...... you will be so grateful when you do. Who knows , you may even get a spark of some great ingenuity, some great transformation, or at the very least, a chance to kick back and relax for a few minutes.

Monday is my office day so you can imagine how hectic THAT has been too with preparing for this upcoming event.

It snowed here in our first few days of Spring !!!  I spent a good portion of the morning out in the mess, dealing with a tow truck for Art's car, driving him to the rental car place and that is just the aftermath of the crazy story about his car. !   Thank goodness all is well and we can talk about it in this fashion .

It was also our first night of Passover so later in the day we drove up to Cherry Hill to celebrate with family and friends. Funny thing is that I connected one of our family members to a childhood friend through Face Book some time ago..... this friend was at our Passover Dinner..... I find that truly amazing !

Enjoy your day !
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