Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 156

So how do you know that when you meet someone, you are going to be connected for a long time?.....It's a strange feeling but my best instincts tell me to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  Many of the things we read about and see, that talk about us moving forward in our lives and careers, talk about how our bodies tell us when we feel GOOD and when we feel BAD. We should do more of the things that make us feel GOOD !
I always say that people come into your life for a reason , a season, or a lifetime...... Lisa Scott is one of those Lifetime people that I have met. I must say that we are both out there finding our ways to move forward, however, when we first met we connected right away. I'm not saying that we are hanging out every chance we get, but we have connected in a way that gives us purpose when we meet, on top of a very good positive aura that is in the air when we are together. I met Lisa today at one of my favorite coffee house's.... BARISTAS... (Best coffee around....just sayin'.... LOL )

She had never been there before and I think she fell in love with the place just like I did.  Our conversations were around this massive enlightenment that Lisa had in her journey recently..... it revolves around her newest venture to grow..... The Empower Network   You can click there and check out Lisa's amazing new vision for herself and her business, MOTIVATION MADE SIMPLE.

My few minutes today were not only spent with a great friend and business associate, it hovered around great conversation and learning on both sides.

When was the last time you reached out to someone in your life and said, "Hey, let's grab coffee and chat?"  ..........or water , or tea, or soda or lunch or breakfast or dinner or a walk or a ride or whatever.............

We already made a time to go up to the Sculpture Garden  (Grounds for Sculpture)  and be inspired ! We couldn't even set that appointment for another month but that isn't the point. The point is that we DID set it. We even both commented on where we may be in a month from now....growing every day !

Life is short. Grab the wonderful opportunities when you can..... be grateful every day, be inspired, and make time for those important relationships in your life..........on ALL Levels !

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LScott/Motivation Made Simple said...

Ava thank you so much! Your blog about our day is absolutely beautiful! You are an awesome and caring person. I enjoyed our exchange and the wonderful atmosphere!

Thank you

RScott said...

I just may be a bit bias, but I AGREE WITH EVERY WORD YOU SAID ABOUT LISA. It fills my heart up when I read things like what you wrote. Reason being; it makes me feel like other people truly can relate to what I have always thought, said and believed about her...she is a gift. Not only to me and our family, but I truly believe she has something to offer the world. Thanks Ava.