Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 217, 218

Plugging right along..... well, well, well..... it's amazing how big events keep me FROM POSTING MY BLOG! Hahahaha

It's true, though. I have to say that being a part of this event has taken me to do great things that are part of this challenge..... something I've always wanted to do or something that I haven't done in awhile....

So let's play catch up a little....

These past couple of days I got to run around all day ! Well that's nothing new, however, this particular day I made a schedule and just ran right through it.... it worked so well. Not just working out of my datebook but making a daily agenda on the road. I also invested in a business cell phone. (still haven't had time to learn how to set it up) . I got to view BEAUTIFUL art that is going to be in the silent auction at the LOVE LBI M2 event on Saturday. Trust me, I will have some awesome stories for you on Sunday for this will be the first event of its kind so it falls right into the challenge.....   .with Rock N Roll Hall of Famer-Blues/Jazz.........RHETT TYLER !!

I also made sure that I enjoyed dinner with a friend and business associate and one of our newest models, Hasheley Chery..... Atmosphere was awesome.

Now we are ready for this event for "Sandy Relief".....Well if we can all keep our eyes opened.... Come out if you can ! I will share what I can on Sunday....

Enjoy !

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