Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 219, 220 and 221

First we have Sat. and the Love LBI M2 event....Pictures did not turn out well so let me just say it was a fabulous event considering it was pouring rain. We had 2 huge tents on the island and also had our musical part and food inside at the Foundation of the Arts and Sciences Building.
Rhett Tyler, a Rock N Roll Hall of fame inductee took the house down !

Silent Auction items brought in lots of money and were donated from different parts of the Country. It was awesome ! I was surprised at all the people who turned out in the rain.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Sunday as you know, is our Day of change .......... 

had a wonderful lunch for Mother's Day with my Sister and my niece and a couple of our friends. While I was there, I spoke with the owner of the Restaurant owner about our plan for the "REAL GRIM REAPER" siting promotion for this Summer and Fall..... 
So.................that being said, stay tuned right here on the blog for clues to where you can site the Grim Reaper and be entered into our Summer/Fall contest for cash and prizes ! If you are local, you can participate and if you are can follow all the "Scary" details right here in the Balcony Blogger Challenge !

Enjoy !

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