Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 232 and 233

Well it's a holiday weekend so let me lump Sun. and Monday together
We should know by now that Sunday is our day of CHANGE! How are you doing with this? I'll be sharing that experience in the next 2 months as MY Change is going towards a road trip. Scroll back to just before Day 1 of the challenge to see what this is all about !
(Went up to Cherry Hill to visit family and wound up having a quick meeting at Wegman's! Never been in one before. It was really cool....I also put some money in the can for our Vet's and got a red poppy !)

Monday- Memorial Day Monday ! Hope everyone had a great weekend !
I did something I haven't done in awhile and that was just chill out pool-side. Actually, we were invited by a friend to a local swim club. Too cold to swim, really, but the Sun did get hot in the early afternoon.

Just sat and chatted, enjoyed a burger and hot dog, crackers and cheese and chilled out.
The Sun is sooooo draining.... now I feel like I need a nap !

Ok..... Hope you enjoy !

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