Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 228

Today I have the rare opportunity to get this post up without toothpicks holding my eyes open.....in other words, earlier than 5AM..... LOL

I had the great pleasure of meeting 2 awesome people recently. I actually spoke to one of them last night and met one of them this morning. Quite interesting to see what a small World it really is. ( all the more reason we need to work together rather than apart ! .... wherever we can)

Last night I had the honor of speaking with Radio Host Scott Golberg.   JCA Radio , Jam City America is the pillar of bringing you content and exposure on the West Coast and beyond. Scott and I had a great conversation and I felt the energy coming right through the phone. Hahahaha.... it's amazing how we can make these connections of feelings like that. The good positive energy was just flowing from Scott over the phone. I was so enjoying speaking with him . I even got to meet his wife over the phone briefly and it was so cool to have all of that come together as it did. I felt like we were sitting in the living room chatting. Very similar desires in our businesses and communications made it that much easier for us both to try to fit in words............how do they say............edgewise !   I have to say we did that, and we did it well !

Check out  the show right here on line and become a member..... stay tuned as we may have a couple of 4 A STAR artists on the show !!!!   Shhhhhh................... will keep you posted.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Marjorie Preston. It was quite interesting as we found out that we have had many similar traits growing up. We have some wonderful mutual friends on Facebook, and we really enjoyed chatting over the things we are doing as we move forward in life. Some things were the same, some things were different for each of us and in general , we had a lovely visit. Marjorie is an accomplished editor and freelances for some of the best and brightest in our area. She also does face painting in her spare time and her work is beautiful.

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The interesting thing, and one that made me want to include this in the blog challenge, is that....
 I met both of these people through Linked-In. I have to say, honestly, that Linked -In is not one of my favorite social media sites. I think it's because I just don't get how to navigate on there as well as I can at some of the others. That said, I am learning......and I got to meet 2 wonderful people by poking around in there. LOL

We will be seeing and hearing more from Marjorie and from Scott as we all move forward in 2013 and beyond.

Enjoy !

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