Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 229 and 230

So let's begin with Day 229 Thurs....
I was set up an an eWomen event at the Blue Heron Pines Country Club. Nice to meet the owner, Liz Jaworski. Husband is Ron Jaworski of the Philadelphia Eagles. It was great to hear their story about how they got into the Country Clubs and working around the game of golf............then how they got out of the whole thing...............then how they got back in.....

Found out they do a Women's Golf clinic on Thurs. evenings...............very interesting. Me, I consider myself half a golfer for I grew up on "mini -golf". LOL
We shall see about all of that.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Liz and hearing the story behind the family. They now own the Country Club and have made some great new changes !

Day 230 Friday....
Weekends are always strange for me. I try making Friday a 'house' day to actually do work IN my house. Lately, with all the recent obligations during the week.... a lot has been pushed onto Friday so the house is suffering....................that means.......DON'T COME OVER !
Anyway, I got to meet some very interesting people............First there was that name because it's 3 letters, just like mine, and spelled the same frontwards and backwards just like mine ! Hahahaha
Hopefully, Bob and his band will be signing with my company and we will be doing a huge promotion around the Hard Rockers  SACRED SWORD !
Then I got to meet Mike who has this State of the Art Recording studio that I spent some time in just admiring what he has done inside of a very old building. You enter the studio and you are transformed from what you see on the outside. Looking forward to working with him. ( I believe I will be packaging my books there) Yay !   Then I got the pleasure to sit back and enjoy the sounds of Nick at one of my favorite cafes,
The Malelani Cafe ! ( Find the Cafe on Facebook)

It made for a beautiful mix of business and pleasure !
Enjoy !

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