Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 75

Well Saturday was a bust !!!!!  I was working in the morning at my weekend position and I had this "tickle" in my throat. Thought it was just some allergies of the day. Little deep cough here and there. Well, by the time I got home, I was sick ! I still went out and did my grocery shopping for our holiday party, went to order our cupcakes....and by the time I got back I knew I needed to be in bed. So I called out of my weekend position for Sunday morning and the most interesting thing I did on Saturday was look at my eyeballs !
I think Brian gave me this through TEXT ! LOL.... He has the same thing. Miss India is sick too and my neighbor had a touch of this earlier in the week.
So I hope you are all well. If you have it know the deal...... plenty of fluids, take 2 aspiring and call me in the morning !  HAHAHA
Have a great day !
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