Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 61

So you know how you can sit and bring up memories when you look at old pictures..... well, I didn't DO that  today..... I did, however, bring up memories and do something I haven't done in a long time.

Those that know me, know I lost both my parents 3 years ago. I feel like I carry them in my hearts all the time and many things happen in my life that relate to the experiences I shared with them. I'm sure you must have the same feelings for people close to you.

My parents had a jewelry shop in Florida. (among many businesses that they owned and ran in their lifetime). To make a long story short, when they passed away, we had a bunch of jewelry (both real and costume) to deal with. We are still going through things of theirs as my Sister (and family) have to fit that part of it into our already busy lives.

I found myself going through large amounts of  jewelry to put into a consignment shop. It's a task, however it definitely brought up some warm memories and cool feelings of when we used to go buying in NY for the businesses and all that.  It was definitely something that stuck in my mind. Here is just one of the Flag Pins they sold in their shop. They loved Flag Jewelry and the items ranged from tiny little push button flag pins to large Flag Pins with beautiful crystal stones in them. Now you can't really see how shiny  the crystals are in this photo but it's still pretty.

Precious moments..... our memories........ make it a great day ! ( You can see how I'm getting in here at 6 in the morning) All that stuff to go through..... LOL......

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