Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 78

Whew! With being sick twice this month, it's been crazy getting in here.... Today was our annual NY trip to see the Tree and Bryant Park. I could sit in Bryant Park for hours..... gorgeous ! (Especially at Holiday Season)

7 of us went up , 3 of us sick, the healing power of NYC at the holidays is great. Wish it lasted when I got back to Jersey.... hahahaha

The crowds weren't as "thick" as in previous years.... more room to view.....
St. Patrick's Cathedral is under construction. We actually got to go in for a few minutes . Can't wait til they finish that renovation for it's quite different with all the scaffolding around.

M & M store was cool and of course standing at 30 rock under the tree that survived Hurricane Sandy was awesome. I also loved the musical light show on the building !


Love the eyeball in the tree..... LOL..... funny, like my logo !  Eyeglass store in NYC...... Window display !

2nd photo is Evelyn, Miss India (model) , Brieanne,  Andrew, Brian (GM) and Art

3rd photo is the beautiful tree of 2012. This tree came from a town in NJ that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. It survived the storm and was brought to NY for all to see it's decorated glory !

. Enjoy doing special things this Holiday Season.....
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