Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 81

Well today I spent most of the day sick in bed. This cold is really knocking me out. I've been sick all month. Each time I get a little better, I get a set back. At least I got well enough to get to NY and see the tree and Bryant the way, the pictures are up on the blog post if you scroll back a few days. So today I'm sick again.......
I actually spent my few minutes doing something really fun, even while I was home sick. I went to the Elf Yourself web page and created "elves" dancing of myself, Brian, Darnley, Brie, and India...... You can see the clip on my facebook page....Ava Holly Lewis.....

It was a really fun few minutes. You can try it out for free .....CLICK HERE

Enjoy your day !

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