Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 73
This is really interesting.... I came across this lady selling these items at an eWomen event last week. I could not post it as one of these items was a gift for someone. Now that I have given that gift and I'm going to be in Philadelphia til about 1 AM , I thought I'd post this for today..... I spent a good 20 min. talking with this woman and the items she has are truly interesting. Check out the story behind the wooden Frogs/crickets and Owls.... I purchased the small frog for Brian. I think the story behind it alone was all Brian. The cool sounds the wood makes are so real. They are thought provoking and interesting...... Enjoy

We proudly ethically import the Rrribit brand Hand Carved Wooden Musical Animals from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The tribes who hand make these beautiful animals are the Northern Hill Tribe people. The wood is Albizia Saman (Monkey Pod Wood)...a stunning, non-endangered fruit wood found plentifully in Thailand.

Each of the animals we sell sounds very close to the real thing...Frog, Pig, Cricket and Owl Whistle. The Frogs, Pigs and Crickets are rasps whose sounds are created by rubbing the thick side of the included stick, or bat, along the ridges of the animal. For the loudest tone be sure to allow the vibrational points of the animal to remain free while playing. These are also percussion instruments, creating different types of wood block sounds by tapping on the animal with the bat in various places. The tone can be changed by touching any of the vibrational points on the animal, thereby dampening the sounds.

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