Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 71

Wow ! How interesting.......

Today I can actually get in here at a decent hour. Well, that said, I only have a few minutes....but in between the running I took the time to turn off my phone, have a small pc. of a sandwich, a cup of coffee and turned on the TV for a few minutes. Not such an interesting break in the day however it was something I decided to do to TAKE THAT  break today. I happened to flip into the Dr. Oz show. Fan or not, you can not argue with the awesome material he shares with us. I don't always get to watch the show. When I do, I am always amazed and intrigued by what I see.
So today they were talking about the majority conception of Cholesterol .  Funny, how the things we mainly worry about have been discussed on today's show with 3 different doctors and  some of our thinking about Cholesterol is just totally off !   Cholesterol is actually very needed by our bodies for many things including memory.  They were even discussing the fact that some people are putting their children on Cholesterol controlling drugs at a young age. The brain and body function doesn't fully mature til age 25, according to these specialists, and doing this to our children is not good.

The things all of these specialists agreed on today was that the best way to avoid some of the bad diseases and things that take us down, so to say, is to avoid 3 things:

 Sugar.................  that's it !  (watch out for foods that turn to sugar....breads, pastas....)
They talked about foods that cut our inflammation....vegetables, sardines, salmon, walnuts, avocado ( some of which are GOOD fats for us to have) Fruits..... apples very good.....

These are just some of the things they spoke of. I only took a 15 min. break and I felt so good just sitting and re-charging my own batteries and finding out some great information.
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