Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 66

I love when things are just crazy and make no sense......and then something really cool happens !
I was watching a re-cap of the X-factor since I missed it last night.....the first video clip that came up was from the fabulous TATE STEVENS. He was really the only one I was interested in seeing so it worked out well. Couldn't see a full episode , they only had video clips....
At the end of Tate's performance and critique..... he made some mention about Tate Nation. If you know anything about the reality shows, when the fans LIKE you, they form little on line clicks.... like the "Claymates" for Clay Aiken. Well , Tate had said some kind of thank you out to Tate Nation.

So I go to  and think I'm going to find some web page or whatever......

What I found was:

Tate Nation, the painter.... he seems so cool. I love his work... I spent about 15 min. looking around the gallery....this is just one example of his cool artwork. He has painted for some major places too.
I never found the Tate Stevens Tate Nation but I found something really cool .
Check out the TATE NATION Gallery

This is just one sample of his cool style....

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