Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 82

With the holidays right upon us and me still being sick, I haven't been very innovative lately ! LOL

That being said, I've still been running around like most of us and making things fun....hope you are too.

So Sat, I went to Philly, PA. to pick up a gift for a very close client and friend......

I actually posted something about these cool things awhile back. Seems like they gained a following from me talking about them so I went to Philly to get another one. Obviously, I can't say EXACTLY what it is just yet, however the subject today is more about the trip.

What I did to relax and have a little fun was to play the "Alphabet Game" on the way ..... It gets so addicting that we must have played it several times along the way down and back. The object is for each person to get from letter A to letter Z. You do this by calling out words on signs, cars, store fronts....anywhere you can see an ACTUAL word..... Here are the rules if you care to try.... now we set our own rules basically so you can modify your game if you like. Our rules:

Words must be outside of the car. (not part of the car you are in)

Anything can be used , even abbreviations, as long as there is a word.

We allow the letter "U" as in U-turn.

abbreviated words such as MPH ( Miles per hour) allow us the pleasure of the "M" only. Just don't think it's fair to be pulling other words out of the initials except the first letter. Other than that you must SEE the word.

We do have a slight slight exception for "X". You may use a word that starts with X or you may use a word that has X in it such as Exit.....

And this is a big one, you may not use the same word as someone else IF IT IS ON THE SAME SPOT ON THE SAME SIGN....ETC... So in other words if you see a Quality Inn for the letter Q, another person can use the word Quality on the other side of the sign or if it is at the bottom again.....but may not use that EXACT word in that exact spot.

That's pretty much it.....

It's a lot of fun. sometimes you wait a long time for a word and can catch your opponent off guard. Sometimes you are running up words very quickly. You need to be in charge of your own place in the alphabet....... You can usually catch up to the leader when you reach Q.....they usually take a little while. Find out the little trick when you play...... let me know how you do......

Nice way to take your mind off things and have a little fun while you travel.....

Have a great day !
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