Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 70

70 days in so far.... a little delay here and there but for the most part been getting this out every day since the start of the challenge. Are you with us? Are you taking the challenge and forcing yourself to do something "cool" every day...even if it's just for 5 or 10 minutes....who knows what you will find....

I have made connections so far.... from all over the Country. I have had page views from all over the World and we are up over 2400 now. Woo Hoo !

I have also been able to re-live some fun things I used to do, some new things and some extended things of my business......

Today, I played around on a new web page that one of my staff put up for me..... it will link back to our original page and our original will link back to it. Very cool !

This was something I never even thought of. Now our models have a place where they can be seen right away without searching much.

this is designed to have people be able to go to the place that best suits their taste and needs.
Awesome Job, Darnely..... YOU ROCK !

Sister Site   Click here for the new site being built as an add on
Visit Our Web Page   Click here for the original site with link back to Sister page and vice versa....
Make it a great Day !


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