Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 91

Happy New Year !

Today I got so spend a few minutes watching a video of my very good friend and business associate on the show THE DOCTORS..... I am enclosing the video so you can check it out if you missed the show. Not only does my friend own and operate the best coffee house in town, but he is part of a wave of taking care of yourself through this breakthrough cool device.... the Elev8 Bike.... (see link below)

Mark and Debbie Becker, owner of Barista's coffee shop, are good friends of mine. We met through a business mixer and remained friends and  now business associates for over 10 years. They opened their coffee shop just around the time I opened my company, 4 A STAR.....

Enjoy this video and remember on this New Year's Eve.... to be the difference, be the change you want to see, have hope for the New Year and never be afraid to go out on a limb.....after all, that is where the fruit
is !!!!!

See you in 2013. Enjoy.....

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