Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 67

I really needed my 10 min. break today !!! I've been having trouble with my cell phone and finally it got bad enough for me to take it to the store for a fix. Luckily they were able to fix it and I didn't lose my contacts or my pictures. I do have to re-set a lot of things but it's all good !

So today I shared my relaxation time with my daughter and we grabbed our coats, ran out in our PJ's and rode over to the gorgeous house on Sooy Lane. If you are from this area, you know about the Sooy Lane house.... well most people do. I still run into some that do not or haven't seen them yet. This year I want to go there many times. It's so peaceful and relaxing. If you don't know about the house, it's one of those big houses that puts up all the beautiful lights for the holidays. The house is set to music and you can listen in on 97.7 FM.....  They are up from 6-11PM all the way through the holidays. There are 72,000 lights on the house and property. You can always find  kids with smiling faces when you are there. What I also like, is that they take donations ( optional ) to help local Cancer patients. This year it's the GABT..... 100% of the money goes to local people in need.
On Christmas Eve, you can even find Santa there........

We are taking some people over this year that have never seen the house lit up before. Very Exciting !
As soon as I re-set my phone. I will post a video for all to see.....
Enjoy your day !

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