Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 68

It's amazing how I can find relaxation in chaos..... would that be an oxymoron????   LOL

I was actually in Philadelphia, PA all day today preparing one of my clients for a show.  After that, we decided to stop and look at shoes..... Well, 4:00 in the heart of Philly was crazy. I drop off the caravan and figure  LET THEM GET WHAT THEY WANTED TO GET AND I WILL DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK AND COME BACK FOR THEM.... Sure......

Whatever happened to .....make a left, a left, a left and a left and you are right back where you started....
Apparently that doesn't work in Philly !

Eventually, we got it all worked out. What did we ever do without cell phones.

Now on this chaotic run around the block which took about a half hour..... I had time to listen to Christmas music on the radio and just take it all in..... First, I encountered  license plates that amused me. I always find it funny when certain numbers or things pop into my life in strange moments. I passed a plate with my birthday on it, a plate with my cell phone #'s on it and then one that said "Rosin Up". That's a violin term. Music all around me............. then out of a small doorway of what looked to be an apartment building, 6 Santa's appeared. 3 girls/ 3 boys..... well, they were dressed in Santa garb and they had smiles on their faces a mile long. Looked like College students. Then I passed a huge Menorah..... people were setting up for a Hannukkah Celebration. Tents being put up etc.... the Menorah was bigger than life-size.
Then, on the next corner, 4 more Santas..... They were all decked out. People were waving to them. Just then I had to stop at the traffic light and all 4 Santas hopped across the street in unison and ran down the other side of the street. .....

What a cool way to marvel at the holidays in the midst of craziness. I had an awesome time and even got to chuckle several times.

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