Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 64

Another encounter with Angels today. Makes one think sometimes...... I just think it's me because Angels are such a big deal for me. Dec. 4th was my Father's Mom's name was Edith.... I had a funny experience surrounding my Mom's name and I saw an Angel in the sky............

So first let me apologize for being so late with this post. I was out at an event til late last night. I was at the wonderful Filomena's Restaurant in Berlin watching the "Patti Lattanzi and Billy Carlucci" show. We had our own Jim Shire singing in the show along with many other favorites. Of course we hear incredible voices from Patti, Billy, Greg Martiello, and Frankie Diamond just to name a few. You can check out their show every Tues. at Filomena's at 8:00. They tape the show to air on WVLT 92.1 on the following Thurs. So you can catch THIS show on the 13th on line. I have also blogged about this entire show sometime in the archives. If you like, check it out...... (before the Blogger Challenge)

So while I was waiting for my manager, Brian, on the way up. I stopped for a cup of coffee. I really needed it. I got done a little early and went to our meeting spot early and stopped in my favorite coffee house, Baristas, for a cup of Joe.
After I was done, I thought I would enjoy the gorgeous day and take my 10 min. to just relax and enjoy the fresh air...... I started my car, gave the radio a little volume, and just hung outside my car enjoying and relaxing..... next thing I see...... in the clear blue sky..... is a set of Angel Wings..... now look closely....if you know anything about cloud watching, the shapes disappear very quickly. It looks almost like it could be a butterfly too (which is also special in my family), but if you really look closely, you can see it is Angel Wings....pointed at the bottom of one side.  So this was a special relaxation break today. What did you do?????
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