Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 88

I love to say 88 piano keys whenever I see the # 88..... just sayin'

So today was sort of interesting..... taking this very strong antibiotic that I hate....that said, I hope it knocks this crappy cold and all out of me.... LOL

I did go out to the Brigantine Island to meet with a client today. It was very cool for this client , aside from being multi-talented, is also gorgeous and full of way out ideas. (which is all me !) She thinks way outside the box..... so I asked here, where is the box? We don't even need to be anywhere near the box. Hahahahaha

Stay tuned for the cool project we are working on that will launch the movement of "Plant Inque".... the ladies of Inque and the lads of Inque.....

All with spirituality heightened to the superpowers that they naturally bring to the table.
Going around the world discussing the things bringing us down, putting it on the table and knowing that a positive healthy outlook can make a world of difference....

Be a part of Planet Inque.......and all the good it stands for.
So today , my few minutes away from reality was on the Planet Inque.......way away from the box......  Enjoy ! 

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